Light and Shadow


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
only light can do that.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Today, the climate summit at Paris concluded. I am not sure what was achieved, an agreement? A non-binding agreement of 200 nations urging their governments by 2020 to do their best keeping the global temperature change below 2°C. At this point, I am reading summaries and commentaries from various news outlets. That leaves me with many questions.

What do you see: The silver lining, or a lot of dark shadows?


5 thoughts on “Light and Shadow

  1. I see the Climate Conference agreement as only a starting point. Until I see a concentrated focus on more funding and resources going to reversing man’s negative impact on the environment, those ‘talks’ are mere words.

    My country of Australia is one of the worst carbon emitters per capita. We need to do more in the way of forest replantation and reversing the rising salt table in our ground. Many of our farmers are being devastated by the current drought (years) and being forced off the land (and to take a job in the cities). Our Government need to do more in supporting the food growers through these difficult times too, otherwise we’ll end up totally reliant on imported food.

    Hard to believe that such a wonderful country (Australia) with so many natural resources has declined in a mere 200 years.

    Unfortunately many of the non-idigenous flora and fauna introduced in the early settlement 1790-1850 in Australia are in plague proportions now and killing a lot of our indigenous species. We’ve upset the natural balance of our own environment in Australia.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    • That’s a stern assessment for such a large continent. I thought places like Australia and Alaska with low population densities would fare better, obviously not so. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I guess we should be happy that governments around the world are recognizing that climate change does exist and is the result of our actions. Without implementing immediate steps, however, this just seems like a political pat on the back.

    • That’s right. Considering how many people do not believe that human activity pays a role in climate change and the power of an economy that needs to grow exponentially according to our politicians this pact is amazing. Realizing that it is all words on paper, legally non-binding and apparently kicking in in 2020 this deal means nothing.

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