Red Foxes

“Wildness is the preservation of the world.”

Henry David Thoreau

 Do you remember Rudy? Rudy was one foxes, who (almost) lived with us at Puntilla Lake a few winters ago. He was the first red fox I saw with a dark face and almost black legs.


Now I have met an even more distinct member of that species. This one is all gray and dark, not a hint of red. Equally curious, though.


Looking for inspiration I found the photography of Roeselin Raymond. Have a look at her Zen Foxes.


10 thoughts on “Red Foxes

    • It helps to live in a place, where animals have no fear of humans. I was lucky to live at this remote lodge, which had only a few visitors for 9 months out of the year. Foxes are very curious. Just hang around long enough without bothering them and they won’t mind the presence of humans. Other species may be a more skittish, but if you live, where they live, you are going to run into them.

  1. Awesome images! Some day I intend to take a bush plane to some truly remote area and spend a week just camping and hunting wildlife with my DSLR and video camera. You were indeed lucky to have the chance to live at the remote lodge you spoke of; I’ll bet that was a true ‘experience’!

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