One Man's Paradise

First Light

“A person whose head is bowed and whose eyes are heavy cannot look at the light.”

Christine de Pizan


First Light – Chilkat Mountains – Alaska

On a rare, clear day, after sunrise, this is my view across the Chilkat Inlet: first light on mountains with no name.

Winter in a remote corner of Alaska is my way to recuperate from a busy summer schedule. One could say I am living under a rock. A weekly trip into town running errands to replenish my food supply, pick a book and some DVDs from the library and check my PO box are my direct encounters with human society. I have access to the internet, so I can, or should I say I could (?), stay in touch with world news.

Part of my home entertainment consists of watching TV marathons, my way of catching up. I had not watched TV for years and this is when I realize how detached I have been. No regrets here. Watching “House of Cards”, “The Wire”, “The Shield”, and “Homeland” I am wondering how close fiction is to real life. Full of violence, intrigue and deception. What I read in the news is not so different from what I see in the TV dramas.

So here is my simple request to you. What feel-good TV series should I watch, or which books should I read to restore my faith in human society?

While patiently awaiting your response I am looking up and forward to another splendid sunrise. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not the day after. But some day the sun will be back and expel the gray.


12 thoughts on “First Light

  1. Sounds wonderful to be up in the snow again.

    Shame about the TV 😀 There’s nothing good on The Box until the end of January in Australia – when the summer holidays are over.

    I’m reading 3 books (part-time) – takes me ages to read a book these days.
    Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier
    One Hundred Days of Solitude – Jane Dobisz
    …..and for the 4th time, Call of the Wild – My escape to Alaska by Guy Grieve.

    …..and on TV…..Blindspot is my favourite at the moment, or the Italian Detective Series, Inspector Montalbano (Italian with English sub-titles). I like a little bit of action & martial arts, balanced with a little Italian humour/travel/detective.

    Of course this is in Australia, not Alaska.

    Try and miss the world news if you can – it’s just war, violence and horror. My heart goes out to the refugees and asylum seekers though. I can only imagine what terror they’ve seen and how shattering it must be to lose everything you value in life.

    I liked the first few series of Homeland, but not the current one. And I’m a great fan of Forever (probably because the English actor who plays the main part has got the most gorgeous eyes I’ve seen in a while. 🙂

  2. Loved the image and the post itself could’ve been taken from my current existence! NetFlix has the entire five seasons of ‘Leverage’ available; if you are willing to suspend too much critical thinking and just ‘go with the flow’ it does have some serious ‘feel good’ attributes.

    • Thank you, thank you. Am I the only one in the world, who is not on Netflix? Streaming is pretty expensive in my neck of the woods, so I am sticking to good old DVDs, not even Blue-ray, hence living under a rock. I will be checking with our library!

  3. So when I read the quote, I thought you were going to talk about people hunched over their smartphones! (Something for another post?) In terms of TV, I can’t really think of anything but I don’t watch all that much there anymore. For uplifting, I generally find more on the Interwebz. Esp this week after losing Bowie (and then Alan Rickman). For example, check out the video of the Canadian astronaut singing “Space Oddity”. (Mark Ruffalo tweeted the link earlier this week if you can’t find it by search.) Something about those images, that song, that passing–immediately started weeping but by the end of the video, dreaming. We are all together on this one blue planet if only we could stand back far enough to see that.

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