“The year was first like icing.
Then the cake started to show through …”

almost John Ashbery

January 2016 is in the books as a wild, wet one. Consecutive days of rain with a few clear cold spells. Lots of home work, cooking, and not enough sleep.

How was your entry into the New Year? Have you gotten used to writing 2016 on your checks? Does it still feel new?


January 2016


10 thoughts on “January 2016

  1. K'lee L. says:

    Fantastic shots! We’ve had buckets and buckets of rain because of El Nino, but we sure did need it here in California. Looking forward to a real Spring though…

    • You would be the first! It’s hard to believe, but most of these peaks have never been climbed. Some of them have had ski descents, after the helicopter dropped them on top. That’s how it’s done today :{
      Now, let’s just look at them.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wonderful images (and that spindrift reminds me of Everest in my mountaineering dvds).
    Of course I’m waiting for Autumn and cooler days for walking/photography here in Australia. Saw the most amazing sight of early morning fog at dawn across the rooftops on 2nd Feb. A strange sight for mid-summer. Very strange indeed.
    Very odd summer here. We’ve had rain and low temps like winter (as well as the hot humid days) – it was just 16C (about 65F I think) one day.

  3. Defintely wishful thinking if you’re my age. I remember when TV came in (B & W).

    When I was a child, (many moons ago), we had 6 weeks of hot sunny weather during the summer school holidays in Dec/Jan. Now it could be any kind of weather. 90degrees one day and 60 the next.

    I have learnt to carry a folding umbrella 365 days a year now. And people might be surprised to see me in a wind-breaker type of jacket on a hot day.

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