6 thoughts on “On Reality – № 3

  1. Another lovely image of the mountains.

    The sunlight hitting one section makes for a very nice composition. Reminds me of some of the images by Galen Rowell in Mountain Light. So sad that such a great photographer met a premature end.

    • Thank you. I am surprised you have seen the images of Galen and know about his life. That is seems far away from Australia… I like the comparison, though.

      • I’ve bought a few books on Photographers and Photography since I took it up in 2010 (I also have many dvds on the Himalayas, Alaska, Annapurna, K2 and mountaineering in remote mouton ranges in general and a dvd series on the National Parks in the U.S. and the photos of mountains (similar to your images) draw me every time. It’s a strange sort of love affair considering I’ve never climbed a mountain in my life. (Well, except Mt Vesuvius in 1976 when the cable car was broken and we had to walk up the soft volcanic ash which was like walking up a giant sand dune – hard work). I always said I must have been an explorer in a former life. I’ve always been a fan of B & W photography (even before I bought a DSLR in Dec 2010). The PBS dvd of Ansel Adams’ life is interesting and worth a look too. If I wasn’t living on a frugal budget, I’d probably have a room full of books on every part of the world and every famous photographer.

      • Then you must have a look at Reinhard Karl, Heinz Zak, Bradford Washburn, and Pierre Tairraz. I think, I mentioned these names before, as some of my favorite mountain photographers. Happy exploring!

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