One Man's Paradise

Sympathy for the fox


Red fox, British Columbia

What a long, hard winter it must have been for this fox. Wide open spaces, blanketed by snow, so deep and soft that the fox sometimes breaks through and struggles to keep moving. Where does he find food?

Further down the road we see a flock of ptarmigans, tracks of lynx and wolverine. Somebody got a picture of a wolf.

Looking at this image I remember how numb my fingers were after watching the fox for a while. I can feel nothing but sympathy and respect for the wildlife surviving in those conditions.




3 thoughts on “Sympathy for the fox

  1. Me too.

    I always think of Shackleton’s crew being stranded and fossicking for food after their own ran out when I see images of the vast open spaces of ice and snow and a single animal all alone. I guess it’s a case of watching the 2 part TV series too many times 🙂 .

    Some of these wild animals deserve much more respect They must have very keen eyesight to be able to spot food in this vast desert of snow.

  2. Seeing a Snowy Owl would be a real treat. One of the photography blogs I follow has some great photos of snowy owls in flight (but I can’t think of the Photographer’s name). But seeing these birds and animals in the wild would be the ultimate thrill in my book.

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