Dogs and ponies

First musher into Rainy Pass checkpoint

142 miles into the race in less than 24 hours, not much sleep.

Rainy Pass is ahead of the teams, the highest point on the Iditarod.

In fast race years the first teams arrive in the dark, before sunrise. This year they get to see the mountains surrounding Puntilla Lake in full splendor. Nic Petite was first this year into Rainy Pass Lodge. Good luck.


Iditarod 2014 – Puntilla Lake


4 thoughts on “First musher into Rainy Pass checkpoint

  1. I have no concept how those dogs can put so many miles behind them in a single day. Nathan Schroeder is a Minnesotan running the Iditarod this year, who has won the John Beargrease sled dog race twice that I know of
    (including this year), which starts a half-mile from my house, twice now. The Iditarod is a whole ‘noter animal, though! How can they keep up that kind of pace!

    • It’s a matter of conditioning. These dogs are trained, fed, and groomed like performance athletes. I think they consume 10,000 cal a day during the race. They train for years, with rest periods and should be in top form for the race. Dallas has a cooled indoor treadmill for summer training…
      Thanks for following.

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