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Good News

Once in a while there are good news. Here is an interesting one concerning the delisting of one of the most elusive predators in North America – The wolverine (gulo gulo).

The ruling does not grant listing of wolverines on the endangered species list, but it calls the USFWS 2014 decision to withdraw the proposed wolverine listing rule “arbitrary and capricious.”


A lot of legends surround the wolverine. To see one in the wild is an unforgettable experience.

The one above was photographed at the Kroschel Wildlife Center, a great way to see all kinds of wildlife in large enclosures. Some of the animals have developed a real connection to Steve Kroschel, otherwise you could not do this:


It’s all good:


A delisting of the wolverine would be welcome, if it were based on research and facts, not special interest or arbitrary decision making. Thank you, Judge Christensen.


2 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Incredibly powerful and smart predators! There is one that lives in this general area; I’ve seen its paw prints in the snow and may have glimpsed just a fleeting glance during the late winter of 2014. Given the scarcity of the animal I cannot believe it isn’t listed as ‘endangered’! At least it does know how to remain largely invisible at least to human eyes…

    • Yes, you are a lucky man if you see one in the wild. They are powerful and elegant at the same time. I wonder what it takes for a species to be listed as endangered. I suspect, there are no hard rules.

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