Seasonal migration


Canadian Geese, Alaska

“Modern life is a centrifuge;
it throws people in every direction.”

Paul Murray

Thousands of of seasonal workers have crammed their belongings into their cars and vans and are on their way to new shores and mountains: the biannual migration of seasonal workers. I am one of them.

Some of us are following their dreams, some are following the mighty green. So we think. In fact we are not following the tourists and the business they create. We are following a natural migration of fish and birds, and the awakening of nature that comes with spring time.

Where I am going, Alaska, there would be no tourism without the splendid nature and its wildlife. From the outside Northern Canada and the US may look like last frontiers, where nature is still largely intact and unspoiled. Reading reports before the whale and fur hunters arrived tell a different story. Wildlife was abundant then.

It is easy to forget how fast and how much we humans have changed this planet.


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