The Unbearable Lightness

If I hadn’t clipped the wing of one of the terns I could retire from photographing terns.

This aerial ballet is part of their courtship. It also  involves feeding a fish to the future mate. Terns apparently mate for life. The “high flight” and “fish feeding” flight is mostly seen in couples that nest for the first time.

Three weeks from now we might see young terns hatching, although the adults are nesting in an industrial fuel tank area…

Please read the previous post on the amazing annual migration of this gracious sea bird.


7 thoughts on “The Unbearable Lightness

  1. Only one word….Magnificent. I know what the odds are to have a camera ready ‘just in case’ but to capture birds in flight I do not even try. I will miss the fortuitous scramble for my camera to capture a moose or bear in the yard but you have indeed captured a great photograph.

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