Comfort zone

“Your perspective on life
comes from the cage
you were held captive in.”

Shannon L. Alder

I have been cruising comfortably for quite a while. Time to change it up.

Where to start? Let me make a small step today. So far I have resisted to manipulate my images in a way to give them a vintage look. What’s the point, I thought. I have this high-tech camera equipment and now I make my images look like they were taken with yesteryears technology?


Waterfall, 2016

Well, here it is. Waterfall in Alaska, pinhole style. What do you think?

Next step: bike ride through South America. My legs are already hurting. I am not getting younger, so better get going.

Or as an alternative, I could volunteer. Do something for other folks instead of me. Working in an orphanage would certainly get me out of my comfort zone.


2 thoughts on “Comfort zone

  1. I like the waterfall image (which surprises me as I wouldn’t normally like that look).

    Another idea might be to head off to Nepal and volunteer to help with some of the rebuilding process (after the earthquake). I’ve seen several documentaries about the temporary shelters and appalling conditions many of the mountain folk are still living in. It might be a little warm in the lowlands for you (coming from Alaska), which is why I suggested mountain folk.

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