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Two hands

I can change the world,
with my own two hands
Make a better place,
with my own two hands
But you got to use,
use your own two hands
Use your own,
use your own two hands

Ben Harper


Tlingit totem pole, Haines, AK

So much unrest in the world…

I wish we all could live together in peace.

Wondering what I can do…


2 thoughts on “Two hands

  1. Many of us are wondering too.

    Since social media seems to be the main communication tool these days. I guess we can ignore the negative and support the positive (stories that flood the internet). If we continue to ‘like’ those positive stories of communities pulling together and opening their hearts to strangers in need, maybe that is one very small way to create the ripples of goodness spreading into the sea.

    I suppose tighter gun laws (as we have in Australia) might help in some US states.

    I sincerely believe we shouldn’t reject the hundreds of thousands of refugees from war-torn countries just to block the few terrorists that may infiltrate their ranks.

    I still don’t understand why some of the wealthy don’t share more of their good fortune.

    …..and more importantly, support the Red Cross, UNICEF etc who are making a difference in the lives of the poor and those suffering from natural disasters.

    We have the means. We have the money. And we have the knowledge.

    We (I’m generalising of course) are too focused on materialism and power. We are too focused on ‘self’.

    Start at the grass roots and teach our children charity and loving kindness throughout their education and some of it has just got to stick…..eventually.

    Caring for the environment (which is a big issue) is taught and practised in many schools in Australia. I don’t know about other countries. If those that work 60-80 hours a week could job share and go back to 35-40 hours with a more balanced home life, that would give jobs to some of the long-term unemployed. There would be less time to hang around, smoking, taking drugs and generally causing vandalism and violence. More work/family balance would create happier communities (I think).

    Dare I suggest when I was young, apart from Sunday nights watching Black and White TV, we had to play outside and use our imagination. We grew our own food and holidayed with family friends camping and caravanning. We were taught not to litter, do our own repairs & maintenance and to do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

    It takes only one step in the right direction to make a difference.

    As to Terrorism? Well, for a start the media could stop spreading the horror and at least refrain from giving the Terrorists a platform for which to spread some of their messages and fuel (for the weaker folk who can be swayed by the voice of destruction).

    • Thank you Vicki for voicing your thoughts.
      I too believe that the so called first-world nations need to support migrants that are fleeing their home countries fearing for their life.
      Loosing your home, your family structure and your traditions has to be the cause for frustration and desperation. With millions of people being displaced and robbed of their home, some people will turn violent. Unless we find a home and a future and a meaningful life these events as we see them currently will happen. Closing the borders is not the solution.
      I also strongly believe that the media coverage creates fear and copy cats.
      Thank you for your contribution.

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