The beginning of July certainly was a color spectacle. Wild flowers galore. Blue skies, emerald lakes, and lush greens were the backdrops for daisies, clover, paintbrush, and so many more flowers.

Then morning mist, rain, and storm clouds moved in, much to the delight of black and white lovers.

If summer had a slow-motion mode I would push that button now.

No such button, sigh.

Then I just wait for the repeat next year.

On the Road

July 2016 – monochromatic


2 thoughts on “July 2016 – monochromatic

  1. Gorgeous work in the monochrome field! I particularly liked the image taken at Tutshi Lake in the YT. Personally I’m always happy to see the summer start to fade up here; I’m a night sky watcher and obviously there’s no night sky up here from early May through the middle of August. Within another week or so if I’m up around 02:00 and the sky is clear I’ll once again be able to see the night sky and maybe even some aurora!

    • Thanks for your thoughts. It’s getting dark at night, that’s right. The nights are not that cold, that makes waiting for the northern lights a bit easier. On the other hand, summer temps were so nice, that I am not into winter, yet.

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