Inside Out, Quote


“True morality consists not
in following the beaten track,
but in finding the true path for ourselves,
and fearlessly following it.”

Mahatma Gandhi


Dyea, Alaska

One benefit of age is that you can look back, not to regret, just to reminisce. There were obstacles, detours, and dead ends. Did it matter? Not really. Life went on.

I hope that our future leaders choose paths of morality and ethics, not short term gains and fame.



4 thoughts on “Roots

  1. Wonderful words of wisdom. It occurred to me after viewing this nice composition, beyond the visual interest of exposed tree roots is the inherent beauty realized when one considered the age and wisdom portrayed by mature trees. Time has weathered them, stripping away the top level of life sustaining soil to reveal the size and breath of their root system – along with their height and branches representing great wisdom.

  2. I hope our future leaders do also.
    Most of us just want to happy, healthy and successful at whatever we do (and I’m not necessarily talking about job/career), which is all the more reason to vote for those leaders who have shown themselves to be true to their word in both past and present action. They need wisdom and experience. They need to be able to listen as well as speak.
    They need Compassion and Understanding.
    We are all unique human beings but it’s the sense of community and team effort that makes the world a better place.
    People need to speak ‘with’ each other, not ‘at’ each other.

    • You are so right. It amazes me how out of 320 million people we ended up with Hillary and Donald as our future leaders, who are apparently both the least liked candidates ever!

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