“Every giant leap for mankind resulting from a technological advance requires a commensurate step in the opposite direction – a counterweight to ground us in humanity.”

Alex Morritt

Dense fog lingered yesterday in the Upper Lynn Canal grounding the local helicopter fleet. Usually they shuttle visitors onto a nearby glacier, so they can experience the magic of walking on ice or riding in a dogsled.

Obviously I am on a different schedule and I would rather spend a winter with the dogs or go on a long hike to experience the beauty of remote ice fields, but not everybody has the opportunity to do so. Nevertheless, I can’t help the thought that the best way to connect with Nature is to be in Nature. Taking the helicopter feels like a thrilling shortcut to me.

Seems to me taking shortcuts is a virtue of our times.

Grounded in humanity…

What does that mean?

Who is teaching us about humanity, one of the seven virtues?



5 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. I’m not sure what grounded in humanity means, except that we have to care for the human race, rather than opposing it.
    Life is not a race in which we cast aside others and be singled-minded about being first at the finish line.. It’s about taking the time to pick up and help those who fall along the wayside.

    We have to find balance in our lives and especially in the face of modern technology.

    Unless we find the basic goodness in ourselves and others, we will be forever swept up in the race for materialism and self-centred greed.

    Unless we care for the environment and our fellow man, no amount of modern technology will save the planet and human race.

    But ‘how to be heard in a room full of people’. Perhaps the only way is to stop shouting and start showing what we can do in positive ways, one person at a time.

    Basic goodness and loving kindness needs to ‘go viral’.

    • Thank you for a great answer!

      It seems that voices of reason and good deeds are overshadowed by the daily news. We had so much opportunity already to evolve into a humane society. Lately, we seem to go into the wrong direction.

      Maybe I should stop watching the world news and focus on the lives in my small universe.

      • Sometimes I feel like not watching the world news too. So full of violence and destruction and the deaths of innocent citizens just going about their daily lives. How will these children ever grow up to become ‘normal’ adults (with the constant fear hovering in the background).

  2. Recently I have gained a better understanding of people whose lives seem to revolve around a schedule. When they travel somewhere, they have a checklist made up beforehand, and it will bother them if an item on their list is not seen. Your grounded helicopters would be a perfect example of this. When they return from a travel experience, and the checklist is complete, they feel as though they have fully experienced a place. Shortcuts become necessary tools on this type of schedule.

    I am with you on this one. I don’t think it’s possible to connect with a place until I’ve walked across it, seen how its inhabitants interact, and feel the mood changes with the passing of daylight.

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