August was another month full of changes. We went from sunny afternoons to misty mornings, from lush green to fall colors. It was a time to harvest: berries, mushrooms, and salmon.

One Man's Paradise

August 2016


6 thoughts on “August 2016

  1. Love these shots.
    Nothing I like better than someone taking the time to do a series of images of the small details in Nature.
    The bear shot is a gem too.

    • Thank you.
      It’s very easy to take nature shots in Alaska, because there is nothing else. 🙂
      It was exciting to take images of bears, although I had wished they would not fish at the man-made weir. Then again, they fish at the weir because the fish are being trapped there.

      • I haven’t announced it on my blog yet, but I’ve moving apartments in 2 wks. and will be living in a new apartment block set in a lush green field and right next to a large nature reserve/wetlands and river. 120 metre walk down the field will (hopefully) get me to there. Nothing like the beauty of Alaska, but for an inner city dweller like me who can’t do miles of walking any more, how good can it get 🙂

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