Note to self, One Man's Paradise


“These woods are where silence
has come to lick its wounds.”

Samantha Hunt


An uncharacteristic week of calm has just been upon us. The calm before the storm? At night the temperatures dropped below freezing leaving frost on the grass in the morning. The water was smooth as a mirror.

Some residents are busy arranging their departure. Who stays? Who will spend the winter? That’s one of the topics around here. It will become even more quiet when the last snowbird has left.

There are two ways to look at this. Winter comes with a sense of peace and calm. You could also say it brings solitude and isolation. I guess it is up to me to decide, which side to pick.

I plan on preparing delicious food, reading good books, and getting out as much as possible. I am contemplating turning of the TV. What’s the point? I am not following any show, yippee. Sometimes I watch a football game, but I can live without 2 hours of commercials. News? Forget about that. Nothing good. I don’t need to know about Mr. Trumps latest faux pas or another meaningless international agreement about climate control that is going in effect 10 years from now, maybe…

In short, I think I am checking out, as in disconnect, unplug.

Seeking peace and quiet in my little paradise.


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