One Man's Paradise

Spread your wings

“A bird is safe in its nest,
but that is not what its wings are made for.”

Amit Ray

Every year in October there is an amazing congregation of bald eagles in the Chilkat Valley. Hundreds if not thousands of these stately birds are attracted from as far as Oregon to gather in the spawning ground of chum salmon. In an amazing twist of evolution salmon have found a place late in the year that does not freeze over and is supporting the survival of fertilized salmon eggs. For the adult salmon that also means the end of their life cycle. Their internal clock is set to expire once they have reached their birth place, laid eggs and fertilized them. For the eagles that means easy prey at a difficult time. Many other rivers freeze over and fish become inaccessible to the birds.



7 thoughts on “Spread your wings

    • Thank you. I have a lot of opportunity to practice. The eagles sit a lot… It is a test of patience and presence to capture the moments when something happens. Those are the more interesting shots.
      Thanks for looking and commenting.

  1. Amazing imagery! I love these raptors and have seen quite the gatherings around the beaches of Homer although nothing like what you described. We see a few Bald Eagles up this way and about as many Golden Eagles but by far and away the most common large birds are the Alaskan Ravens. Some of them get really big and from a distance can easily be mistaken for mature eagles based on their size…

    • I think ravens are even more difficult to photograph, not because they are shy, but because of their black and shiny plumage.
      Thanks for looking!

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