One Man's Paradise

Shake it, baby!

“Sometimes chaos is the very thing that deliberately shakes up our neatly ordered world’s in order to get us out of the neatly ordered ruts that have kept us stuck.”

Craig D. Lounsbrough


My eagle of the day will get you dizzy after a while…

I’m trying to get shots of eagles that don’t just sit. That’s a challenge. They sit a lot. And when they move, they are hard to capture.

So here it is. Eagle, shaking it.

Happy Halloween.


6 thoughts on “Shake it, baby!

  1. Vicki says:

    Too much quick movement for me I’m afraid 🙂
    I’m perfectly happy with Eagles sitting still, especially as I never get to see them here.

    • Glad you liked it. It’s not a smooth video, just some stills hacked together as animated GIF. We are lucky indeed to have wildlife to watch. Although sometimes I want see how abundant it was before the fur hunters were here.

    • Well, I thought they are majestic birds, soaring all day in the thermals, being fierce hunters, diving and grabbing fish in flight…

      They mostly sit at the beach and wait for a dead or almost dead salmon to drift by. Then they drag in a rather clumsy way the fish on shore and start to feast.

      Once in a while we see an eagle with a fish head in his talons, heading for the next tree, too chew in peace. That’s it.

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