Inside Out



Drifting Snow, Alaska

“Hidden in the glorious wildness
like unmined gold.”

John Muir

Is it time for another John Muir, or an Edward Abbey and a president with an open ear for the environment and its conservation?

I think so. All this talk about jobs, growth, and profits is so wrong. Maybe it will support this generation and a few more to come, but we cannot keep growing forever. That’s just not possible on a planet with limited resources. What do we do? Do we care?

That is maybe the key question we should ask ourselves. Do we really care about future generations and this planet? Or do we only care about us? Our family, our genes?

I am wondering what Darwin would say about our current state of affairs. Maybe our species is currently the fittest in this world that we have changed. Maybe not.

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Drifting

  1. Darwin would say “stop the world spinning, I want to get off”

    Darwin would be shocked. Thank goodness there are environmentalists and protesters keen to make their voice heard. But we need more. We need people to get back to the basics of quality family time, teaching our children where their food comes from, reversing deforestation and reducing unsustainable mining of our natural resources. I’m writing in very general terms here.

    The 4 major rivers in Asia finds their roots in Tibet and with Chinese mining and draining the area’s natural resources (that Tibetans have lived with for hundreds of years), there’s going to be a dramatic detrimental impact on the neighbouring countries in the near future (let alone Tibet who lost 1/5th of their population with the Chinese invasion).

    We need to take heed of the northern European countries like Finland and Sweden with their sustainable forests.

    Bhutan with it’s “strict environmental laws has meant The Kingdom has received international acclaim for its commitment to the maintenance of its biodiversity. This is reflected in the decision to maintain at least sixty percent of the land area under forest cover, to designate more than 40% of its territory as national parks, reserves and other protected areas, and most recently to identify a further nine percent of land area as biodiversity corridors linking the protected areas. All of Bhutan’s protected land is connected to one another through a vast network of biological corridors, allowing animals to migrate freely throughout the country.” says Wikipedia,

    De-forestation of Australia’s inland regions by the early settlers has led to a rise in the salt table and erosion – another example of man’s negative impact on the Planet.

    I could say more…but I’ve run out of steam 🙂

    • Thank you Vicky for your insights.
      Your comment comes in the wake of the wealthiest person in Australia adding 1% of your country to her possessions. How can one person have assets worth $124,000,000,000? That’s obscene. The ranch she bought will be producing beef carcasses… not helping much any cause than making a profit.
      We have a beautiful old growth temperate rain forest up here, the Tongass National Forest, the largest continuous nationa forest in the US, threatened to be turned into pulp. So sad.
      When do we top 1% realize they cannot eat their money, nor does it provide happiness?

  2. Al Gore seems to be the last politician trying to make a case for the environment. The president-elect does not believe that we have any impact on global warming, and seems to be lining up a cabinet whose concerns are focused on $$$$ and not much else. Somewhere along the way, unsustainable growth numbers became our barometer for success, and without a change of the majority of public opinion, will carry into future generations.

      • Not feeling too optimistic on this one. The Obama administration came in promising more green industries. There hasn’t been anything newsworthy in 8 years on clean energy, and the US is lagging other parts of the world there. The opposite side of the color wheel from green is magenta, and I think we can expect a magenta energy policy from Trump. He has mentioned lifting environmental restrictions in the name of promoting business and growth, and now that ExxonMobil CEO is being proposed as Secretary of State, that should solidify new administration’s policies.
        I know there are many people who do not believe our carbon footprint has any impact on global warming – that Earth’s warming and cooling cycles have occurred naturally before. Forecasted doom is not likely to change their minds, and it will take an actual disaster before they become believers. The movie The Day After Tomorrow, although dramatized, comes to mind as a model as to what it will take.

      • That’s a dark picture you are painting and I can see why.
        On the other hand, democracy should not mean that we just have the right to vote for a presidential candidate every four years and hand over all powers to them.

      • No president should be all powerful, but now that the House and Senate are Republican controlled, it feels like Trump is being handed a blank check. When I listen to the news on policy voting on bills in House and Senate, the votes almost always come down to party affiliation, as though no actual thought is given to local concerns.

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