One Man's Paradise

A ray of bright light


“A cold wind was blowing from the north.
The sun made the trees glow like living things.”

inspired by George R.R. Martin

Just some spruce trees poking through the snow-covered cottonwoods. With a sun low enough to light up the snow. Too bad you can’t feel the cold. Your skin would begin to tingle in a few minutes.

For a brief moment the thermometer dropped to -6F, or -21 °C.

Seeing the sun on those clear days warms the heart, but it surly doesn’t do anything for numb fingers.


2 thoughts on “A ray of bright light

  1. Lovely image. It looks really pretty when the sun hits the tree tops.

    I can well imagine how cold (having been skiing many times in my youth, including high up the mountains in Austria). Trouble is that its too cold to take your hands out of gloves to do any photography. In our (mild) winters, I wear fingerless gloves.

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