The year that left us without David Bowie, Leonhard Cohen, and Prince.

The year Donald Trump was named “Person of the Year” by the New York Times.

Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prize in Literature, but was too busy to attend the award ceremony.

Millions of fugitives starving, displaced, drowned, or killed.

The Dow at an all-time high.

Could the contrasts be more stark?

Living in remote Alaska makes it easy to feel sheltered from the tribulations of the rest of the world. Nevertheless oil prices, climate change, and the state budget impact our daily lives. In the end it feels as it all comes down to money… No escape.

So here is my crop of 2016. A dozen black and white images that each represent a  memorable moment in my sheltered life in the year of division and contrast.

Inside Out

2016 – The Year of Division and Contrast


5 thoughts on “2016 – The Year of Division and Contrast

  1. Beautiful images (as always) and as you say, A Year of Contrasts.

    I can also add, a year of even more weird weather patterns (than ever before). Did I read that Donald Trump didn’t believe in climate change or something? (my memory is so poor these days).

    • He said many things. Hard to keep track. Maybe not even worth keeping track. What shall we believe anyway these days? Who should we trust? Apparently as a politician you can say anything you want during the election process. We (humans) just extract what we want to hear anyways. And if it turns out to be lies we just shrug and move on.

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