Devils Club Snack


Mmmh, delicious. Prickly devils club, or what’s left of it. That’s what this calf is munching on just outside my living room. They clearly know I am there, behind the window. I think, I am more nervous than they are…

A mother and her two calves make the rounds regularly and trim the bushes around the house. This was a week ago, now we have more snow on the ground, which makes it harder for them to move around and find food. On the other hand it is less cold.

They are amazing to watch. I hope they make it through the winter alright.



9 thoughts on “Devils Club Snack

    • That’s the right word, exciting. They are so big. If they wanted to, they could just walk through that window. Maybe they don’t feel threatened.
      Being so close I noticed for the first time their beautiful blue eyes. Maybe that changes, when they get older? Need to check.

  1. May not apply to your home, but I notice I could often get good bird photos through my lounge/balcony windows in my previous 3rd floor apartment and I took to cleaning the enormous windows weekly. But go out outdoors and the birds would likely fly away. When I had a look from the outside I could see the clean windows hid me completely and only a reflections of the sky and rooftops appeared (to the birds). Needless to say, the poor doves would sometimes fly straight into the window and crash, when trying to escape larger birds (due to the sky reflections).
    I was only watching one of my Alaskan DVDs a couple of nights ago and those Moose look gigantic (and so do the bears).

    • Thanks, I like it, but it’s not for everyone. When I leave the house I have to watch for moose. There are more incidents with moose than bears in Alaska. Luckily the bears are asleep, so I am told.

  2. A lot of spring moose calf’s have lighter colored eyes, sometimes blue, but these disappear with a bit more age and most of the moose I see in the Talkeetna area have brown eyes. Having spent three and a half years living here I see moose at least weekly; sadly, I’ve become so used to observing them I won’t bother with my camera unless they are very close or doing something unusual. You are correct in that moose injure and kill far more people in Alaska than do bears. Like you I’ve learned to accommodate these magnificent ungulates; I jiggle the door handle and count to five before I exit my place when it is dark outside as this gives any moose a chance to move off before I suddenly appear. Before learning to do this I came within just a few feet of moose on my property a couple of times; thankfully, they recognized me as a human and just sauntered off in the opposite direction. I do have to be careful when letting my two dogs out as they are fascinated by moose and I sure do not want any ‘interaction’ between the species!

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