01/17 – Unsettled


How was your first month of the new year?

Everything just peachy? Great!

Or was it more like a “like a mad, insane sprint in tight circles spiraling around and down the toilet bowl”, as Keir J. Beadling describes it in his fitting piece “Stop the world – I want to get off”?

“… like a mad, insane sprint in tight circles spiraling around and down the toilet bowl”

It’s been a rather turbulent month. The climate turned downright frosty towards the end, although that did not prevent some folks from walking the streets. Rapidly changing conditions resulted in slippery conditions with travel delays and cancellations. Unfortunately there appears to be no improvement of conditions in the near-term future. Some forecasters predict this unsettling weather may last 2-4 years…


2 thoughts on “01/17 – Unsettled

  1. Your image almost looks like a bear’s head with snow on top.

    When I was still working a stressful job and constantly ill, I decided to write a book entitled Stop the World I Want to Get Off (by co-incidence – I’d never read Beadling’s work).

    Instead I quit my job, avoided a 2nd nervous breakdown and DID get off that vicious cycle. Now I like to describe myself as a Photographer (instead of a chronically sick person). I still have the severe chronic health issues, but they are not the focus of my day anymore. And my job……it was literally killing me. Instead, I killed the job 🙂

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