One Man's Paradise

You Know It’s Spring…

when the first mosquito shows up in your home. That day was yesterday. After a pest-free winter I noticed the first large mosquito of the season,

then another,

and another.

Out of the blue I had 20 or so of these buggers in the house. Where did they come from? I had no idea. They are the big, slow kind. Easy to swat, not making the annoying buzzing sound. Wiki says there are mosquito species that hibernate as adults in crevices and come out as soon as the temps go up. Maybe I have those…

Happy Easter!


3 thoughts on “You Know It’s Spring…

  1. Noooooo! I’m not ready for the mosquitoes yet! Say it isn’t so. So far we’re just getting lots of flies and moths, but we’ve also still got quite a bit of snow (albeit disappearing fast).

  2. …..and I’ve just got rid of the little blighters. We had a plague of them in Melbourne and suburbs in the last few months.

    Happy Easter to you too 🙂

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