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Where else?

“I belong to a lost generation and am comfortable only in the company of others who are lost and lonely.”

Umberto Eco

This sentiment comes up once in a while. Writing from the quiet of my living room… Reading the stories of others in distant places.


2 thoughts on “Where else?

  1. I am often alone but rarely lonely. I don’t know many people who are comfortable with their lonesomeness and at ease with the sounds of Nature. Most people have this incessant need for the sound of another human voice.
    I have this incessant need for the sound of the wind and the birds and the perfume of the earth. When I’m stuck indoors (like now), I miss it like a human misses their family.
    I spent a couple of hours at the local shopping centre this afternoon and I felt like a stranger watching a pantomime being played out, act by act, scene by scene. I was a stranger in a strange place. If was not my world and I was glad when I left, errands accomplished, but weary and overwhelmed with the bright lights, constant chatter and busyness of humans going to and fro.

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