Into the Wild

Mammoth Hot Springs

“The world’s big
and I want to have a good look at it
before it gets dark.”

John Muir

Great quote from a wise man. I am on the same page.

Mammoth Hot Springs is such a place that deserves a visit. Located close to the North entrance of Yellowstone National Park, accessible by a board walk, never the same. I plan on visiting this place a few more times this winter, as I imagine the contrast between snow, ice, steam, and hot water during the cold season is just out of this world.


Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and many other features of the park experience a break from the summer crowds. All roads inside the park, except the one from Gardiner to Cooke City, are closed to wheeled vehicles for the winter, and there is no riding with snow coaches or snow machines, yet. Currently, you could have Old Faithful all to yourself.


8 thoughts on “Mammoth Hot Springs

  1. Stunning image at the top of this post. Nothing is worse than the noise of crowds/tourists but at least people are getting out there and leaning about our wilderness areas.
    You’ve picked a great time to visit though.

  2. Thanks, I love that hot spring, very photogenic. And I am proud to have found this angle. You need to walk around it a bit to get that angle.
    Love the park. I circled around it for many years in the summertime, but kept it for a winter experience. 4.3 million visitors per year, about 100,000 come in the the wintertime.

  3. berty says:

    Ooh, it’s more than a wonderful picture … and such a beautiful quote !!!
    How many wishes do you have free in such a place?
    Or do you forget your wishes there? …

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