White Buffalo

blogThis morning I had planned to shoot trees covered with hoarfrost, but when I opened my cabin door I had a bison browsing just off the porch. These bull bison are up to 2000 pounds and they are very agile, although most of the time they move very deliberately. Well, the fellow this morning took his time to munch on dry grass and scratch his head on one of the posts that mark the path between cabins. The bison was less than 20 feet away. I had just cracked the door wide enough to take pictures through the gap. I could hear his breathing, his jaws moving, and his hoofs in the snow. My hope was that he would not attempt to walk into the door…

He didn’t.







13 thoughts on “White Buffalo

    • Thank you! I have seen many really great pictures of buffalo covered in rime. I am aiming for something like that. Nevertheless, the experience was priceless.

  1. Oh my! Reminds me of one time a small grizzly did something similar at my cabin. It was one of three cubs and it’s mother had trained them to be garbage bears. It had raided a nearby dumpster and was prowling around looking for more easy pickings. It rubbed its face all over the porch railing. He was little but still over five feet at the shoulder. I was terrified he’d make his way inside my one-room cabin. Like you, fortunately he stayed outside where he belonged.

      • Yeah… that winter they got so bad the USFG tranqued all four and “rehomed” them. One of them made its way back to a small town and became a nuisance and was put down. The other three haven’t been in the news since. That was five years ago.

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