One Man's Paradise

Life in the Arctic

“What shocked me the most about the polar regions was neither the cold nor the remoteness, but a bewildering confrontation with my own lack of understanding.”

Galen Rowell

When Galen Rowell visited the Brooks Range for the first time, he was not prepared for the loss of daily rhythms, such as sunrise and sunset. He describes the time as “flowing without punctuation “and “days merging into undark nights”.

Especially after a long winter this period of continuous daylight becomes a challenge to all visitors of the polar regions. Life seems abundant, with constant change. No time to sleep, no time to rest.

Well, it’s the end of August. The midnight sun has come and gone. For a few hours the sky turns dark at night. For the first time in several months I have seen stars. Last night the Northern Lights were dancing above the mountains. The tundra colors have changed from lush green to red, orange, yellow, and brown in some places. Quite a display.

About 2 more weeks for me in the Arctic. I will savor every day, rain or shine.




6 thoughts on “Life in the Arctic

  1. Lovely image and the colours remind me of northern and western Scotland.

    I just wish my few photos taken with a little instamatic camera in the British Isles in the 70s weren’t so faded and yellowed.

    Rowell’s lack of understanding of what? Surely it couldn’t be the light? He captures light in such a meaningful way in his book ‘Mountain Light’. Perhaps those more southern images were after he visited the Polar Regions.

    That is the only book of his images I have on my bookshelf and I don’t know how many locations he visited before his untimely death.

    Where to next (is my only question for you)?

  2. Always love the taiga/tussock tundra in the fall; the colors are just so varied and vibrant! I, too, saw stars for the first time last week around 05:00; the last time before this was in very early May. I’m up for the seasonal change; I just wish the rains would diminish and wait until it is cold enough to snow before returning. Enjoy your remaining time in the Brooks Range and have a great visit to New Zealand!

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