One Man's Paradise

Fall Colors – September 5, 2018

“I don’t like autumn. Yes of course, the colors are nice, but they’re the colors of necrosis.”

Hendrik Groen

What a grump. Actually, the secret diary of diary of Hendrik Groen is apparently an enjoyable book. The name is a pseudonym, so we really can’t ask what Hendrik really thinks about fall.

I see a shark.

What do you see?


7 thoughts on “Fall Colors – September 5, 2018

  1. Yep, I see it! And fall was always my favorite season, at least until I moved to south central Alaska. I miss the reds, oranges and purples the hardwood trees shower upon the landscape is so much of the lower 48; by comparison while the yellows and golds up here are pretty they become rather monotonous. Since relocating winter has edged out fall as my favorite season…

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