Note to self


“There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein

Today, more Noble Prize winners have been announced. Reminded me of Einstein, who was not only good for scientific theories that changed “our” views on matter and time. He also led a wild private life and is a great source for inspirational quotes.

I liken to think of life as a miracle. Sometimes there are rocks in the way. It takes effort to turn those rocks into insignificant pebbles.

I am reentering society, sort of, after being on the road for more than 4 months and living north of the arctic circle, where every day is a miracle. The solitude and remoteness, the weather, the landscape, and the small number of individuals that I encountered in that environment left me no choice, but marvel in the quality of every day. I could stayed up there and maybe I will return some day.



10 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. Stunning image. The light is so clear and pure one can only wonder at its magic.

    I have a small poster taped to my fridge…….OPTIMISM – The difference between stumbling block and stepping stones is how you use them.

    May you return to the Arctic Circle once again in the future. Solitude is something which one can only appreciate if one lives in it.

  2. Beautiful photo, you’ve captured that wonderful twilight (or sunrise equivalent) period where the color temperature is transitioning between cool and warm.

    We gotten a glimpse of the natural beauty you’ve experienced – I’m thankful! Best wishes in your upcoming transition!

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