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Comfort & Security

It’s been a while.

I did unplug myself.

The world kept spinning in the meantime and the same nonsense is still going on.

When I turned my computer back on I learned that I am several updates behind. The apps that I have been using for years will not work in the near future. What is this?

I am going back to reading books. They don’t become obsolete and they work off-grid.

Speaking of books here is something I can recommend: “Walden on wheels” by Ken Ilgunas. As a young man Ken travels to Alaska to work at a remote camp, hitches back to New York and starts living in a van to save on rent and other expenses that suck your bank account dry.

I am halfway through the book and my favorite quote is:

“Comfort and security, when overprescribed can be poisonous to the soul – an illness that no amount of love can cure, freedom being the only antidote.”

Ken Ilgunas

Here is to freedom.

Springtime, Alaska

17 thoughts on “Comfort & Security

  1. If only I could live in a van 🙂

    I’ve just got a new computer (due to the old one crashing on a software update over Easter and only having 4 GB memory) and I really, really, really wish I wasn’t so dependent on on modern technology to survive. Lost all my photo library and still setting up a new one. I envy you your freedom to live off the grid.

    Maybe I should…………get another book off the bookshelf 🙂

    • Ah, the envy is mutual.

      If I only could have all the conveniences…

      No seriously. Van life is great.

      You know they say if you keep all your data in the cloud you’ll be fine. I have not made that step, as I like to hold on to my precious few things that I own and that includes my images.

      Congratulations on the new computer. Hope it will serve you well for many years.

      And, happy reading!

  2. New Zealand! I dream of it. A long, expensive flight, but it would be wonderful to experience. I haven’t even been to AK yet, so maybe that should come first. Enjoy page-turning, a noble pastime.

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