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Welcome 2021?

Good riddance 2020, out with the old, in with the new, or is it? I saw one cartoon that showed a couple getting comfy in front of their telly: “Ready for Season 2 of the Grand Pandemic…”

Before the pandemic I would not have considered myself one of the lucky ones, being holed up in one place, not being able to travel, not visiting family and friends. But that’s what it has come to. Escaping the virus until the vaccine puts an end to this remarkable incision, since we are not capable of kicking it otherwise. That’s the motto.

Bison, Yellowstone

I am not looking forward to another year of restrictions. Do you? Instead of looking forward maybe I should keep looking backwards, into the past. Displace the uncomfortable future with pleasant memories. There is something to be said about reminding ourselves about better days. Today, I came across this bison stumping through belly-high snow in Yellowstone National Park, where it can get bitter cold in the winter. They put their head down into the snow in search of some dry grass in order to survive until next spring, when life becomes vibrant and carefree. Maybe we are in such a cycle, where all we can do is put our head down and plow ahead until life as we knew it returns.

“And now we welcome the New Year,

full of things that have never been”

Rainer Maria Rilke

May it be a happy and healthy one.


8 thoughts on “Welcome 2021?

  1. Vicki says:

    Rather than feel restricted (which I have been for the last couple of years anyway), I try to mentally adjust to a new normal – sometimes unsuccessfully I might add.

    Life, as we know it (in an urban setting), is different now and the sooner we get used to the new normal the better. Having said that, once I recover from my early December hip replacement and try to get back to nature walks and photography, I might have a completely different mindset.

    As to the wilderness and less settled areas, I hope your restrictions ease soon so you can enjoy the Great Outdoors once more without being having to be mindful of the virus.

    Love the image of the bison. Hopefully, the positive effect on the environment under covid restrictions will be the start of more environmentally-friendly practices in the years to come.

  2. Great analogy with the bison …’where all we can do is put our head down and plow ahead’. I think looking back might help … I feel like I’ve had it pretty good for a long while. I can be a little more patient in order to be safe. Happy 2021 … may it also be safe for you.

    • Thanks for your comment. I had it good, too. I am worrying about how we got to this point. Apparently not everybody takes this pandemic seriously. Not everybody believes in the vaccine. That will extend the duration and gravity of the pandemic. The question is, why do these people not believe in science any more?

      • For some because it puts a damper on their lifestyle. They don’t want to wear a mask or change the way they socialize. For others it’s because they believe and want to believe the opposite and conspiracy theories. Ridiculous I know.

  3. That’s a photo I’ve long wanted… very nice capture. Covid has disrupted our plans for a second bicycle camping tour of Japan. That’s disappointing, of course. But on the other hand we are in the place in the world we most love. The huge map we made of norther Honshu is still up on a wall in our house – waiting to be filled in with campgrounds, historical sites, restaurants, fishing locales, National Parks and wildlife areas. But in the meanwhile, we just splurged on new fly rods (our first spey rods) and fly-tying gear, eager for the “opportunity” to stay put this summer and and get to know our river better. Regrettably, I don’t think most people every really believed in science. In every era, there has been a substantial core of fellow humans who subscribe to superstition and who pick and chose what facts to accept. It is puzzling… we have always found comfort in science, amazement, inspiration. Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. I know the feeling of a stalled bike trip, too. Making the best of it in the meantime is the sane thing to do, although once in a while it hurts. Let’s hope more people are catching on with science, truth and reality.

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