One Man's Paradise

Waiting for the Sun IV

Apricity – the warmth of the sun in winter

While looking for a quote to go with today’s image I came across the word “apricity”, which I had never heard before. The other day I mentioned to a colleague that it feels so much warmer today compared to yesterday. The day before it was overcast and -20 F. Today was sunny, clear skies. Same temperature. I guess our minds played a trick on us. It felt warmer, just because we could see the sun. Now I am wondering where apricity fits in… The warmth of the sun in winter. Real or simply imagined?

Stay warm.


9 thoughts on “Waiting for the Sun IV

  1. Vicki says:

    Beautiful image. The light and shadows really add to the composition.
    …..and I’ve never heard of apricity either 🙂

    • Maybe because of our lifestyle. Living and working indoors mostly, with comfortable temperature settings, we don’t experience and appreciate the wonder of a barely warming winter sun.

  2. Your image works nicely in both color and B&W. Being so close to the sun here in Colorado it often feels much warmer than what the temperature reads in the winter. Snow melts at temperatures below freezing.

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