One Man's Paradise

Heracleum maximum

Cow Parsnip, also known as Indian celery or Indian rhubarb. Indigenous people apparently ate young stems and stalks raw after they were peeled. Removal of the outer skin was crucial to avoid blisters. The plant contains a toxin that produces skin blisters and hyperpigmentation after exposure to UV light. Bears eat it, too, although they may not bother with the peeling process.

In the past I have kept my distance from this plant, but it exudes a strange attraction, photographically speaking.

“What you seek is seeking you.”


One thought on “Heracleum maximum

  1. Vicki says:

    It certainly makes for a great photography subject in the snow. Such a tall growing plant (according to Mr Google).

    I’d love to see the white flowers when in bloom (if you see them and have a camera in hand at that time of year).

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