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Surf’s Up

A winter storm advisory was in effect this weekend. Luckily it did not come with tornadoes. However, warning signs had been posted along the main highway: “Stay at home if possible”. Well, for some of us the opposite applies. A winter storm often brings a good swell to the ocean and that means surf is up. 5 foot swells were predicted and the forecast did not disappoint. Water temperature: 42 F, air temperature: 6 F. Does that mean the photographer was colder than the surfers? Not sure. It seems daring to me to jump into the ocean before sunrise, wait for a good wave to form, ride for 30 seconds or less knowing that you will eat it at the end. Anyways, great fun to watch.


4 thoughts on “Surf’s Up

  1. Vicki says:

    I was watching some YouTubes of the winter storms in the U.S. and was it earthquakes in Alaska? Hard to know what to believe on YouTube, but it looked like deep snow and storms have hit many parts of the northern hemisphere quite early on in the season.
    Surfing in that kind of temperature sounds hardly enticing to me, but it looks like great fun in your photos.
    I vaguely remember going down to the beach with my Father in winter many, many years ago and it was warmer in the water than out.

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