One Man's Paradise


I will be without a vehicle for the next 4 months. This will be a test.

I am also considering living without a computer for a while. All this ever changing technology drives me crazy. For years I had a Web site that received no visitors, except hackers, that brought down the site. For weeks I have exchanged emails with support from overseas to no avail. So I am getting rid of it. This is going to happen sometime soon anyhow. The lights go out, and nobody cares. It makes me sad, but that’s the fate of digital photography.

I’ll be heading South, with a bicycle in tow. Let’s see if that lifestyle is more carefree than van life.


5 thoughts on “Car(e)free

  1. tganner says:

    I for one have enjoyed receiving your regular observations … both objective and subjective. And I admire your stepping away as well … back on the road less travelled. You are always welcome at our home!

    Happy trails!

  2. I also enjoy your posts, and hearing about how and where you are. I fully support going offline but hope to see some glimmers of your adventures again one day. Your photography always makes me happy and your words and perspective always spark something for me to ponder within myself as well. I don’t always comment or show my face but I’m always here cheering you on. I’ve long been inspired by the life you lead and the vision you follow.

    Safe travels and enjoy the ride.


    • Hi Ali, good to hear from you.

      You know the grass is always greener on the other side. I am a little bit tired of the vagabond life style. Going from one seasonal job to the next bike trip has its challenges.

      Anyways. I now have a plan for the next 6 months. That’s good.

      Thanks for staying in touch. Very much appreciated.

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