Mixed bag


You read that right.

Since I live 45 miles from the next grocery store and having no car I decided to give Amazon and free delivery a try.

First week of November I ordered a jar of peanut butter, amongst other things. The item was in stock, but no delivery date was given. Then, a couple days later I got a notice that the item would be shipped end of November. Wait, got an update! Now I’ll get an early Christmas present: Expected delivery date: December 21st.

At that rate, I must consider an overnight trip to town, on foot or by bike. We get Continental Divide hikers coming by all the time walking that distance in a day.

Mural, Silver City, NM

Not to worry, I am not going to starve, but do we have a peanut butter shortage?

Then there was order number 2. Being an environmentally conscious guy, I ordered an item from the closest vendor, 180 miles away. The item arrived within 4 days. Nothing wrong with that. When I looked at the shipment track, I noticed the package had travelled 528 miles.

What gives? I thought the traveling salesman problem had been solved many years ago.

It’s all good: Amazong.


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