One Man's Paradise

Almost nothing…

“Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes.”

Tarjei Vesaas

Fall Colors in the Yukon, Canada.

Fall Colors in the Yukon, Canada.

Hello friends, I am still enjoying my sabbatical from wordpress, although I have not been lazy. I rafted parts of the Alsek river, hiked the Chilkoot trail, and moved…

All is well. I leave it with that.

On the Road

The best of LA

What would you do, if you have a day to visit LA? Driving included!
That’s what we did. Get on the 101 and head for the 405 intersection at morning rush hour. Watch LA drivers morning routine: Make up, shaving, networking, picking your nose, all while paying attention to the stop and go traffic. 25 miles and an hour later we arrive on Hollywood Blvd and start looking for a parking spot. Instant Karma on Sycamore and Hollywood Blvd. Follow the stars on the sidewalk to Mann’s Chinese Theater, stepping on Barbara Walters, Oliver Stone, The Doors, and Michael… Spiderman and his fellow men are still getting dressed. Just Marylin and Shrek at Madame Tussauds pose forever…
Then it’s on to the “Kodak” theater walking on the red carpet. A glimpse at the Holywood sign in haze. Then it’s back to the van. Zipping by Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive. No window shopping, no shopping period. You need appointments to some of these stores? Ridiculous.
Next stop: Venice Blvd. 45 min for the zoo at Venice Beach. Street performers, tourists, and homeless people crowd the boardwalk looking for something. Change, souvenirs, drugs, food?
I am attracted to the bold colors. There is no subtlety. What is the purpose of all this?
That was my day in LA.