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Eagle of the Day -№ 5


Didn’t have much time to pick my favorite today, but this one looked a bit different, so here it is.

Maybe I’ll have an eagle of the week…

Oh, almost forgot: Happy Thanksgiving!



One Man's Paradise

Eagle of the Day – № 3

One Man's Paradise

Eagle of the Day – № 2

“If you associate with eagles,
you will learn how to soar to great heights.
If you run with dogs,
you will learn how to bark.”

Ojo Michael E.

Great quote, what do you make out of it?

Today I associated with the eagles. I guided  a couple in the eagle preserve, who came a long way to photograph the eagles. My first question in the morning was “What picture do you want to shoot today?”

“Eagles in flight” was the answer.

So we lined up along the river in an area with few obstructions and the distant mountains as a backdrop. It was a crystal clear day, temperatures in the teens, no wind. Despite being bundled up that means cold feet and fingers, while waiting for the eagles to show up.

Well, we were rewarded with some nice pictures. The above image shows one adult bald eagle crossing the river. How did I do this?

One Man's Paradise

In your dream


“Go away!”

“No you go away! This is my fish.”

“I am bigger than you are. Beat it.”

“So what. I am smarter than you are.”

Although I don’t speak Eagle nor Raven, I am sure something like that was exchanged between these two.

The unwritten rule in the bald eagle kingdom is that one eagle feasts on a fish at a time. Other eagles may be lingering around, but they have to await their turn. Interestingly other birds, like ravens, magpies, and seagulls are tolerated to nip at the fish at the same time.

This is the first time that I have observed a shouting match between a raven and an eagle, maybe because it was a juvenile bald eagle, who is still learning, or maybe it was a particular feisty raven?