Into the Wild

New friends

Yesterday was my first ride on a sled pulled by a strong bunch of well behaved Alaskan huskies. They are my new friends.

Bailey has seen her share of snow flakes.

Bailey has seen her share of snow flakes.

After preparing sleds, gang lines, and dog houses for 2 weeks, after feeding my hungry and thirsty friends every day, and many other chores I was ready for the inaugural ride. It has been cold for a while now, one major snow storm dumped the first foot of snow, which was then blown around by blustery winds. The trail conditions were wild. Anything from windblown to deep powder and blank rock. My friends worked marvelously. Maybe we rode only 5 miles but that was pure bliss. Yes, I dumped my fellow musher out of the sled once, and I had to run a bit uphill, but it was worth the experience.

After the first run, I got to be the passenger in the sled. Another thrill. Being so low to the ground all seems so much faster. You see these small, strong creatures running gracefully and power, following the trail… Simply amazing.

Looking forward to the next snow storm, more runs, crispy mornings, sunny days, starry nights and all that.

One Man's Paradise

Thursdays with Bearly: -5F

It is November 13, 2014. The thermometer reads -5F. This is way too cold for anyone spending the last couple of weeks in the Southwest. Freezing nose hair, burning skin after reentry, clam feet. It all comes back. It didn’t feel that cold last year in Alaska.

I hope my body and mind will adjust. Adding a down jacket and new gloves may help.


Granite Creek, Teton County, Wyoming

On my day off, I am couch-surfing in the library. Through the big windows I watch children play outside, throwing snowballs and doing somersaults from the snowy park benches. There it goes. It is all good. Just make the best out of it.

I have a warm bed at night, a hot meal during the day. Thank you.