One Man's Paradise

Sainte Terre

“Away back in the middle ages people used to go on pilgrimages to the Holy Land, and when people in the villages through which they passed asked where they were going they would reply, ‘A la sainte terre’, ‘To the Holy Land.’ And so they became known as sainte-terre-ers or saunterers. Now these mountains are our Holy Land, and we ought to saunter through them reverently.”

John Muir

There are many things about winter that I like. The transformation of the mountains into pristine walls and ridges of snow and ice is probably my favorite aspect of the cold and dark season. When the storm clouds lift and some of that fresh, untouched powder is exposed, that’s when mountains turn into altars, as others have said.



Into the Wild

Mammoth Hot Springs

“The world’s big
and I want to have a good look at it
before it gets dark.”

John Muir

Great quote from a wise man. I am on the same page.

Mammoth Hot Springs is such a place that deserves a visit. Located close to the North entrance of Yellowstone National Park, accessible by a board walk, never the same. I plan on visiting this place a few more times this winter, as I imagine the contrast between snow, ice, steam, and hot water during the cold season is just out of this world.


Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and many other features of the park experience a break from the summer crowds. All roads inside the park, except the one from Gardiner to Cooke City, are closed to wheeled vehicles for the winter, and there is no riding with snow coaches or snow machines, yet. Currently, you could have Old Faithful all to yourself.

One Man's Paradise

Earth Day?

“What day is it,?” asked Pooh.

“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.

“My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

A. A. Milne

Today is Earth Day!

A day to celebrate? Hardly.

A day to remind us of our responsibility for this planet? Maybe.

A day like any other day? I believe so.

Resting Spring Range Wilderness, CA

Resting Spring Range Wilderness, CA

Yesterday was John Muir’s birthday. His conscience about conservation and the environment was born after an accident that nearly cost him his eyesight. At the time he was an avid inventor of mechanical devices. The accident had a profound effect on John. It was not the pain nor faintness that bothered him, it was the idea that he would never see a flower again.

I believe, humans are the first species that have the capacity to decide the fate of this planet. It is in our hands to decide, which living spaces we want to grant other species and us! Hence, every day is Earth Day. Our actions or lack thereof affect us, our children, and our environment today and in the future.


“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread,
places to play in and pray in,
where nature may heal and
give strength to body and soul.”

John Muir

Waves of fresh snow created by wind and sun

— winter waves —

A day of snowfall without wind is followed by a some blistery winds. Yesterday the lake ice was covered with a cushion of soft snow, even, untouched. Today the wind starts to form ripples, not unlike waves.

Standing in the middle of the lake, fantastic.

I cannot stay long and play or pray, as John Muir suggests, but I take a picture with me and return to my warm shelter.

Nature #2