One Man's Paradise

Dear Santa…

just in case you have a hard time finding us,
we are located at N 62° 04′ W 152° 44′.

the view from the lake

the view from the lake

It’s not that hard to find. If you come from North Pole, turn East near Talkeetna and keep going until you enter Ptarmigan Valley. We are right at Puntilla Lake, which is frozen over. If you hit Rainy Pass you went too far.

I  also include a current picture. That’s what it looks like right now.

Rainy Pass Lodge at Puntilla Lake

Rainy Pass Lodge at Puntilla Lake

You have my wish list. I would like to add some fresh powder over night and some sunshine in the morning. The temperature is ok around 10-20°F without wind. That’s a great temperature to work in the wood lot. We have enough firewood to keep us warm. Bring us some fresh veggies and we are happy!Much love.

One Man's Paradise

still waiting…

sunsunrise @ PAPT

sunrise @ PAPT

Instant gratification pales when compared to anticipation.

For the last 3 days we are waiting for the plane to show up. It’s either the weather in Anchorage, at Puntilla Lake or in between, which is not cooperating. Fog!

3 days waiting is nothing. Buckey tells us he was waiting once for 19 days to fly home. We are comfortable, but it’s so nice to dream about all the good things the plane will bring. Oh well.

Forecast for tomorrow: Brilliant sunshine. Brilliant! Not just regular sunshine. I believe, sometimes the forecasters get carried away, or they are tired of the gray fog as well.  Or do they want their viewers to feel good?

The wind drift makes the lake surface look like frozen waves. And there is the pastel sky again. The sun stays close to the horizon. We see it for maybe 2 hours, then it disappears behind the mountains. There are beautiful highlights in the mountains to the NE, even we don’t see the sun directly. On a clear evening there is fantastic Alpenglow.

Living every moment…

On a winters morning

On a Winter Morning,

before Sunrise

O time as light as down when night expires!
Which world is it you stir in me?
What is it that at once I now in you
Feel all aglow with living’s soft desires?

My soul is like a crystal
That, as yet, no false ray of light has struck;
My spirit seems to flood, it seems to rest,
Open to the sense of nearby wondrous powers,
That, out of the belt of clear blue air,
Finally call an enchanted word before my senses.

With eyes wide open, I feel that I am swaying;
I close them so that the dream will not melt away.
Do I see down into the fairies realm of light?
Who has brought these motley thoughts and pictures
To the gateway of my heart,
That bathe sparkling within this bosom
Like golden fish in the garden pond?

Soon I hear the sounds of the shepherd’s flute
As if around the crib upon that night of wonders;
And, soon, the merry songs of wine crowned youth.
Who has brought the peace blessed multitude
Into my saddened walls?

And what feelings of rapturous strength
As my senses turn anew towards the distance!
Refreshed by the first sign of bright new day,
I feel the courage for any pious deed;
The soul flies as far as heaven can reach,
And genius exults within me! But tell me,
Why does the look of melancholy dampen now?
Is it happiness lost that moves me?
Is it something yet to come that I bear within my heart?

– Go forth, spirit! Here, there can be no idle pause;
It is a moment and everything will pass!

There, see, on the horizon, where, already, the curtain is rising:
The day is waking! Now, may night be gone!
The purple lip that before lay closed
Breathes half opened, draws sweet breaths:
Suddenly, eyes are flashing and, like a god,
The day begins in a leap of regal wings!

Eduard Mörike (1804–75)

O flaumenleichte Zeit der dunkeln Frühe!
Welch neue Welt bewegest du in mir?
Was ist’s, dass ich auf einmal nun in dir
Von sanfter Wollust meines Daseins glühe?
Einem Kristall gleicht meine Seele nun,
Den noch kein falscher Strahl des Lichts getroffen;
Zu fluten scheint mein Geist, er scheint zu ruhn,
Dem Eindruck naher Wunderkräfte offen,
Die aus dem klaren Gürtel blauer Luft
Zuletzt ein Zauberwort vor meine Sinne ruft.

Bei hellen Augen glaub ich doch zu schwanken;
Ich schließe sie, dass nicht der Traum entweiche.
Seh ich hinab in lichte Feenreiche?
Wer hat den bunten Schwarm von Bildern und Gedanken
Zur Pforte meines Herzens hergeladen,
Die glänzend sich in diesem Busen baden,
Goldfarbgen Fischlein gleich im Gartenteiche?

Ich höre bald der Hirtenflöten Klänge,
Wie um die Krippe jener Wundernacht,
Bald weinbekränzter Jugend Lustgesänge;
Wer hat das friedenselige Gedränge
In meine traurigen Wände hergebracht?

Und welch Gefühl entzückter Stärke,
Indem mein Sinn sich frisch zur Ferne lenkt!
Vom ersten Mark des heutgen Tags getränkt,
Fühl ich mir Mut zu jedem frommen Werke.
Die Seele fliegt, so weit der Himmel reicht,
Der Genius jauchzt in mir! Doch sage,
Warum wird jetzt der Blick von Wehmut feucht?
Ist’s ein verloren Glück, was mich erweicht?
Ist es ein werdendes, was ich im Herzen trage?

— Hinweg, mein Geist! hier gilt kein Stillestehn:
Es ist ein Augenblick, und alles wird verwehn!

Dort, sieh, am Horizont lüpft sich der Vorhang schon!
Es träumt der Tag, nun sei die Nacht entflohn;
Die Purpurlippe, die geschlossen lag,
Haucht, halbgeöffnet, süße Atemzuege:
Auf einmal blitzt das Aug, und, wie ein Gott, der Tag
Beginnt im Sprung die königlichen Flüge!

One Man's Paradise

Around Puntilla Lake

This is paradise.

Serene, peaceful, and wild.

Remote, quiet, and comfortable.

Image: Dusted Tundra

Just a little dusting…

Image: The view from Lookout Mountain

Looking South from Lookout Hill

Image: Lookout Mountain

Lookout Hill, a 20 min stroll from the lodge.

Image: Rainy Pass Lodge and Puntilla Lake

Rainy Pass Lodge at Puntilla Lake.

Image: Puntilla Lake before it freezes over

Puntilla Lake with just a little ice.

Image: Lookout Mountain

Lookout Hil

Image: Rainy Pass Lodge and Puntilla Lake

Rainy Pass Lodge and Puntilla Lake

Image: Rainy Pass Lodge and Puntilla Lake

Rainy Pass Lodge and Puntilla Lake

Image: Puntilla Lake before it freezes over

Ice forming on Puntilla Lake