One Man's Paradise

Dear Santa…

just in case you have a hard time finding us,
we are located at N 62° 04′ W 152° 44′.

the view from the lake

the view from the lake

It’s not that hard to find. If you come from North Pole, turn East near Talkeetna and keep going until you enter Ptarmigan Valley. We are right at Puntilla Lake, which is frozen over. If you hit Rainy Pass you went too far.

I  also include a current picture. That’s what it looks like right now.

Rainy Pass Lodge at Puntilla Lake

Rainy Pass Lodge at Puntilla Lake

You have my wish list. I would like to add some fresh powder over night and some sunshine in the morning. The temperature is ok around 10-20°F without wind. That’s a great temperature to work in the wood lot. We have enough firewood to keep us warm. Bring us some fresh veggies and we are happy!Much love.

Inside Out

Waiting for Santa Claus…

made pumpkin soup,

baked rye bread,

stacked fire wood,

changed oil on generator,

reported the weather…

all while waiting for Santa to arrive, who actually lives not far from here in North Pole, AK 99705. At least letters sent to that address have been answered for more than 50 years now. Our Canadian neighbors send their letters to postal code H0H 0H0 (pronounced ho ho ho).

Found this “Dear Santa” letter (for a good smile :))))).


I wish for health & happiness.

That’s all.

Thank you.