On the Road



A new form of self portrait has emerged, the selfie. Hold your camera, smart phone or video camera at arm length in front of your nose, put the Grand Canyon or your favorite dive in the background, put on your Hollywood smile, hold for 5 seconds, release…

Sorry, couldn’t help, but I have seen so many selfie attempts in the last weeks, paired with noisy crowds, and a hectic schedule to visit as many National Parks in as little time as possible…

It is difficult to find a quiet moment in the prominent parks and reflect or simply take in the beauty that lies before your eyes. I wonder if Mather, Muir, and Roosevelt had this in mind, when they created the National Parks. Conservation for future generations was one of their main motivations. I wonder if this and future generations need to learn viewing and experiencing Nature anew.

Nature is not another “attraction”, where wildlife appears on schedule, where the temperatures are always comfortable.

I guided groups of tourists this summer. We stayed in commercial campgrounds with all the necessary amenities, even some unnecessary ones, such as WiFi… For some, it was the most “extreme” vacation, they had ever done in their life…

Some children were glued to their smart phone games, while traveling.

I tried.