Inside Out, One Man's Paradise

Goodbye Alaska, for now

“Time to leave now; 
sharpen this feeling of happiness and freedom, stretch your limbs, fill your eyes, be awake, wider awake, vividly awake in every sense and every pore.” 

Stefan Zweig

Moving to a new place means to trade the familiar with the unfamiliar. It means leaving friends behind and meeting perfect strangers. The comfort zone becomes less comfortable. 

Moving also brings excitement, new opportunities, and change, which must have a lot weight in my case, otherwise I would not lead such a nomadic life. 

After living three years in Alaska I am heading South. Not that I couldn’t stand the mosquitoes in the summer or the cold and the isolation in the winter. To the contrary, I liked the serene life style and the harsh weather during the winter months up North. Life may not be easy during the dark season, but it is simple. It takes work to stay alive. Everything takes more effort: going places, fixing things in and around the house. Those efforts made me a appreciate life. 

So why leave? For me it’s like watching a movie more than once. I may understand the movie better after the second time and find a few new details the third time around, but in general I got the big picture. So, I am going to see a new movie next time.

Maybe I find a place one day that I want to call home for the rest of my life. Maybe…

In the meantime I keep wandering. 

Navigating the Inside Passage

Alaska bid a magnificent farewell with a misty Inside Passage and glowing Northern Lights. 

One Man's Paradise


“If you will stay close to nature,
to its simplicity,
to the small things hardly noticeable,
those things can unexpectedly
become great and immeasurable.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

It took me all summer to find simplicity. Nature was just full of flowers, leaves, seeds and berries. Colors abound.

The mountains changed their white coats for mineral hues. The clouds playing with the mountain tops, sometimes just putting a veil over them.

Then, one calm afternoon a few leaves reflected perfectly in a quiet lake. It was impossible to miss.


Note to self

Note to self – № 2

In a lucid moment I figured out why I am blogging: As a reminder to do as I say, and to say as I think (without thinking too much). When I have nothing to say, which happens quite a lot, I find a quote that speaks to me and an image that goes with it. Hence the new category: “Note to self”. Today, Sir Isaac Newton gets the honors with a quote on simplicity.

“Nature is pleased with simplicity.”

Isaac Newton

I like simplicity in life and in my images. Four pond lily leaves floating effortlessly. I see lightness.

Pond Lily, Lost Lake, Alaska, 2015

Pond Lily, Lost Lake, Alaska, 2015

I also like what Albert Einstein had to say about simplicity:

” I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best for both the body and the mind.”


“Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just enough baggage.”

Charles Warner

A chimney stack

Speaking of baggage. I arrived here a week ago with 3 pieces of luggage and a couple of plastic bags from a last minute food shopping spree. It is nice to travel and live without all that clutter. I may have just enough clothes with me to survive, but I may have to do some online shopping for some cold weather clothing. I found a pair of bunny boots, or should I call them funny boots? They are white rubber boots with inflatable side walls for insulation. So far they work great. In the morning I wear a pair of fleece pants and hard shell pants. A thick overcoat, which makes me feel like a sumo ringer, a hat and gloves. That outfit works, as long as I am moving around. I have one pair of pants for around the house, a couple of fleece shirts, 5 pairs of  socks and underwear. I start to appreciate every piece I brought with me, since they all have a purpose and utility.

Charles Warner (1829 – 1900) was an American writer and friend of Mark Twain.

Simplicity #1