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Dogs and ponies

Johnny Cash

„Hello, I’m Johnny Cash“


I hear there was a two-legged fellow with the same name? Well, I am the original Johnny Cash of Granite Creek. I wear black and I love the ladies, oh yeah!

In the morning I am the first one to alert my fellow sled dogs that the guy with the food bucket is coming. I believe, I am the first one to be served because of that. Nothing wrong with a little attention grabbing.

At 10 o’clock I usually go to work. My favorite running mate is Chichen Itza, she is hot! She just had a baby, Archimedes, so she is not really interested in my advances, but I am a patient dog…


We run together with four other buddies of mine, following our musher to the hot spring every day. I just ignore the dudes on my sled yelling „Mush, mush“. What does that mean? I am pulling as hard as I can, so are my buddies. Had a little trouble with my tender feet lately. Too much ice on the trail. We need some snow, man!

I am not much of a „camper“. When they stop for lunch, I can’t lay down. Just can’t help it. I like the snack we get at our break, but I really love my dinner at home. When it comes to food, I am not picky. You should see my food bowl. It’s spanking clean. I like it all, the kibbles, the meat, you name it. My musher gives me sometimes seconds, because he thinks I am a bit skinny. I just want to look good for the ladies!

Well, time for me to curl up in my little dog house. Time to sleep (and dream something sweet). Gotta be rested for work tomorrow.

Good night and God bless.



Dogs and ponies



I am Princess and I am beautiful.

Need I say more? It goes with the territory that I do not get along with the other girls in my yard and I get a lot of attention from the boys, as you can imagine, especially Johnny Cash, who you have not met, yet. I think he is handsome, but he is such a player. Classic is good looking, too, such a boy, though.

Some say I am infatuated with my musher, but I wouldn’t go that far. I think Aphrodite, Palenque, and Hunter adore him as much as I do… Girls!

I take good care of my fur, which is kind of short for this cold weather we are having right now, but I can’t stand these fleece coats they try to put on me, when it’s chilly outside. I think the colors and the style are hideous, so I rip those coats to shreds in no time. Luckily they have given up on covering me up with these despicable outfits.

My complexion is quite fair, so I have to be careful with that winter sun. My nose burns easily and they apply some cream to it once in a while. If they just could find some unscented cream. I have a sensitive nose, so I lick this smelly stuff off. I know, I shouldn’t…

I like to run almost every day, 10k or 20k, I don’t mind. It’s nice to be on the trail. We have a fast team. I like that. I can easily keep up with the boys.

I am in good shape, I watch my weight. Those chicken skins are my only vice. Otherwise, I am perfect.

Sincerley, Princess

Uhh, almost forgot: I had my nails done the other day by Elise, as you can see. That was fun. I really like to be taken care of. Love.

One Man's Paradise

Becoming a musher

© 2015 Pascal Joubert

© 2015 Pascal Joubert

I have now 2 months and 400 miles of dog sledding under my non-existing belt. Does that make me a musher? I don’t think so.

Every day is a new day with challenges and surprises. My main lead dog Clumber has been loosing weight and I needed to give him a break to see what’s bothering him. That meant other dogs had to fill in the key position as lead. None of my other dogs have the same leader qualities and attitude as Clumber, unfortunately.

I realized there are two qualities that make a great leader. First, never turn the team around. A wandering or turning lead dog can cause tangled gang lines resulting in injury, dog fights and a confused and insecure team. Today I had to deal with this issues several times and it was not easy to overcome. At one point I was sitting in a pile of tangled dogs, in the midst of one tail-biting snapper, and a bunch of scared pups. Not a pretty sight. In the end we made it and everybody had a good day, realizing that dogs and mushers are not machines but living creatures.

The second quality in a lead dog like Clumber that I appreciate very much is his confidence and trust in me. This trust goes both ways. When I say „Gee“ or „Haw“ he reacts to that command immediately. He will turn, even there is no trail. He will turn, even we have gone 99 times straight before. I hope Clumber is back leading my team, soon.

Running 20 miles every day for 21 days, a few nights with temperatures below -30F has changed the attitude and motivation of some dogs. I am beginning to „see“ their daily mood when I enter the yard with the harnesses. Most dogs are still happy to see me, a few of them prefer to stay inside their houses until I convince them to come out and run with me.

Learning the broad strokes of running a healthy, motivated dog team was easy. Dealing with fatigue, injury, and motivation is a bit more challenging, but hey, that’s what I signed up for.

Gee, haw, never let go.

Dogs and ponies



Hello, my name is Clumber. As you can see I am not a Clumber Spaniel, no, I am true Alaskan Husky. I got my name from Jeff (Jeff King that is, who won the Iditarod four times). My mom’s name is Spaniel, so I guess Jeff thought it was a cute idea to name me Clumber. Clumber, Spaniel – get it?

You should see me lead. I love doing that! I could do that all winter. I am pulling like a wheel dog, and I don’t stop until my musher asks me to.

Most of the time I am running lead with my son Classic. He is still learning, but I show him the ropes. I also love to run with good looking girls, like Aphrodite or Hunter. Boys? Not so much, especially this Knox guy. I always give him the evil eye and a good bark and when he waltzes by my house.

What’s up with the food lately? They give me this chicken skin stuff. I can’t stand it! It’s cold outside they say and I should eat more. Hey, I have done this for 10 years, just give me my kibbles and beef and I’ll be fine.

Oh, and if you could fix my house when you get to it, that would be great. There are a couple holes that need to get patched up. Don’t even think about fixing it with those flimsy trail markers. I’ll have those for breakfast.

Let’s go already!

Dogs and ponies



Hello World!

My name is Archimedes, although some folks call me Java. I am now 8 weeks old, having opened my eyes just 6 weeks ago. Life is a bliss.

I am living with my mom in the puppy pen, but I think I am ready to run with the big dogs pretty soon.

I am getting fed by my mom and this other lady, who brings me kibbles and meat in a delicious sauce. Did I say life is just great?

So far I spent most of my time inside our wooden house filled with comfy straw that has kept me dry and warm. The other day they built me a wooden ramp so I can climb in and out of our house. Amazing what’s out there!

I love to play in this white, fluffy stuff they call snow. In the beginning my mom was very concerned about me getting cold and she would usher me back inside, but now I play outside for hours. There is so much to discover!

Sometimes they take me out of the puppy pen and let me into the big house. I usually end up in somebody’s lap. They love to pet my soft fur, look me in the eyes and mumble incomprehensible baby talk. Who am I? A puppy? I am a race dog!

Peace out, Archimedes