One Man's Paradise

Iron Dog – Pro Class

And this is how the professionals race…

First team toarrive at Puntilla Lake - Team #10

First team to arrive at Puntilla Lake – Team #10


Lucky #13


Beaver dams make for an interesting trail.


It’s all good.


Air time…

Into the Wild

Alien Visitors

Aliens Visitors

Aliens Visitors

Yesterday we had visitors! From outer space.

From Anchorage to be precise. Three Irondogs broke trail and rode 120 miles through uncharted terrain in 7 hours. They arrived after 3 o’clock in the afternoon, hungry and thirsty. They huddled around our fireplace for a few hours drying out, fueling up and telling stories. At some point they put on their gear and headed out into the cold, back to Anchorage.

The three riders were training for a snowmobile race next February. On race day they will cover the 120 miles in a little more than 2 hours. At that time there will be a trail and almost hundred riders. They will ride in teams of two. From the outside it may seem a bit strange to have high-tech snowmobiles blazing through the Alaskan wilderness. Nevertheless it is a sign of human desire and accomplishment. Blazing the trail yesterday was certainly an accomplishment.