Waiting for the Sun

Standing at the edge of the boreal forest. A group of spruce and poplars lined up covered thickly with frost and snow. Waiting for the sun to return.

This is the strangest life

I have ever known.

The Doors

That’s how I feel these days. After a year of hiding behind a mask, being trapped inside it is time for life to return. Life as we know it, only better. There are silver linings on the horizon, light at the end of the tunnel. But it’s not quite there, yet.

Til next time.

One Man's Paradise

Winter Solstice

“When small men
begin to cast big shadows,
the sun is about to set.”

Lin Yutang

It’s  all uphill from now on, if you live north of the equator…

6 hours and 6 minutes, those were our daylight hours today. I am stranded at home thanks to rain, snow, and temperatures around freezing. The roads have turned into an ice rink, even walking is treacherous. Well, that’s winter. We are prepared and good to go, even if I don’t make it into town until next year. I’ll run out of movies, first.

Lin Yutang was a prolific Chinese writer, translator, and linguist. He also invented a Chinese typewriter and obviously had a good sense of humor.

9 small photos of Lin Yutang with different expressions

One Man's Paradise

October follies

“The highest form of bliss
is living with a certain degree of folly.”

Desiderius Erasmus

October has just been amazing. Clear skies, bountiful of sunshine, freezing night temperatures, fall foliage… Almost not enough time to catch your breath.

I know winter is coming. We are loosing 7 minutes of daylight every day. 13 F was the lowest temperature reading so far. Nevertheless, when the sun is out it just feels much warmer.

If I could, I would stop time right now. But I can’t. So I go with the flow and appreciate what I have.