One Man's Paradise



Western skunk cabbage (Lysichiton americanus)

A fine smell is in the air, skunk cabbage. Some complain about the smell, not me.

It provides the first intense color outside after 5 months of winter hues.

Due to it’s abundance, although short-lived, some consider it a weed. However, bears seam to eat the roots after hibernation for cleansing. It is supposed to contain a lot of calcium oxalate, which causes a prickly sensation, to say the least.


Summer Farewell – № 3

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning,
and unallied with definite form,
can speak to the soul
in a thousand different ways. ”

Oscar Wilde

My way of hanging on to summer.

The first storms blew through Southeast Alaska. When the clouds lifted a few mountain tops revealed the first sugar coating. It’s another sign, the season is changing.

Most wildflowers are now in a hurry to produce seeds. Berries, red, blue, and black and lush lichen still paint the alpine tundra in their summer coat. It will all change, soon enough.